Rent-Try-Buy With SilverChef


 If you're just getting started or looking to expand your operation, Silverchef can provide you the opportunity to purchase catering equipement.


About Silverchef's Rent-Try-Buy Program:

Rent-Try-Buy allows you to try your kitchen equipement with a 12 month rental agreement, before you actually buy it. This can be incredibly useful and allows flexbility within your establishment to purchase what you think you need but also change if needed.

How It Works:

During your 12-month rental agreement you can:

  • Upgrade your equipment - at any time
  • Purchase the equipment - at any time (and with no penalty)


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What Happens When You Reach 12 Months?

  • You can purchase the equipment
  • Continue to rent the equipment
  • Enter into a lease to own contact
  • Return the equipment

What Type of Equipment Can You Finance with Silverchef?

Most types of commercial hospitality equipement through accredited dealers (like us, MVO Services).


How Is MVO Services Involved?

We provide the equipment to you once approved by Silverchef who pays the upfront cost of the equipment. The financial terms are set between you and Silverchef.



Check out the rental calculator to see fincance options and repayment amounts.


Learn more about the Rent-Try-Buy program on Silverchef's website


Apply for finance now with Silverchef.