MVO Catering Solutions businesses located as far south as Rainbow Beach to as far north as Gladstone rely on MVO Services for the delivery of a wide range of quality catering equipment products and services. Authorised Distributor and Service agent for Roband, Woodson, Hobart, Woodson, waldorf, Orford, Blueseal, Bakbar, Williams products.
Cake Displays

Cake Displays

Quality is a must in the food services industry.  From catering companies to restaurants, businesses must select premium products in order to maintain the utmost in quality standards.  At MVO Services, catering companies and restaurants will find a full line of high quality catering equipment, commercial cooking equipment, and other essentials.  When serving baked goods, it’s essential that versatile cake displays be selected.  That’s why MVO Services is the top choice for food service businesses of all sizes.  With our line of premium cake displays, your business can display cakes in a completely insulated environment so customers receive delicious and fresh baked goods. 

Premium Cake Displays for Businesses Large and Small

Whether you operate a small bakery or a massive commercial catering business, MVO Services has the products and services you need for the highest levels of efficiency and service.  Our collection of cake displays is suitable for businesses of all sizes.  MVO Services has the following options in display cases for cakes:

• Koldtech Curved Glass Cabinet
• Koldtech Heated Display Cabinet
• Hot Food Display Cabinet by Koldtech

Each of our cake displays is suitable for cakes, pastries, baked goods, and other foods.  Our team of highly trained professionals is eager to assist in the process of selecting the best equipment for your bakery, restaurant, or catering business. 

Cake Displays, Cooking Equipment, and More

MVO Services is your one-stop source for premium catering equipment, commercial cooking supplies, cake displays and other essentials.  In addition to our line of products, the MVO team can assist with services including refrigeration, electrical, stainless steel manufacturing, and more.  For assistance with display cases, cooking equipment, or any of our other products / services, contact MVO Services today.